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This is for work blog posts from DEVGRU, though would mainly be from JeffR.
Update threads would cover what development and news is going on with the active development of the engine.

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WorkBlog - October 2020

Mid-October workblog time! (Which should've been last month, but chasing down bugs like memleaks and straight up crashes before I wanted to post caused delays, so...whoops!) So, how's it going everyone? Time for fanciful development news. First, lets go over what all work has happened thus far since the last workblog: 76 pull requests merged in, which had over 164 changes which ranged from bugfixes, to improvements to additions. Notable examples include: Updating SDL to


JeffR in Work Blog

WorkBlog - July 2020, Part 2

Minor delay because I was feeling under the weather. Anyways! Part twooooo! Engine Work Predictably, a bunch of various improvement and fixes have gone in on the engine side of things. Various crash fixes, out of bounds fixes, etc. Beyond that, though some other nice stuff has happened. A big one was moving the asset importing logic up from the tools scripts into the engine. This was done for a few reasons. One was processing speed. The native C++ is obviously going to r


JeffR in Work Blog

WorkBlog - July 2020, Part 1

Hey boys and girls! After an... unintended hiatus from workblogs, I got off my butt and kicked things back off. Now, as you can see, with a separated forum for easier organization and allowing discussion to not over-shadow literally everything else.   So, what's been happening since the last workblog? Whole bunches of stuff, naturally. I just took a peruse through the repo(which you may recall from the community refresharoo thread, is now over at https://github.com/TorqueGame


JeffR in Work Blog

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