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It has been a while, but The ManFisher Alpha Update 0.2.0 just went live. You are able to download the updated version to your PC with the itch.io app, or else (if you don’t use their app) download & run the setup file.

Changes/fixes in this build:

- Small but major fix regarding picking up items after
  receiving a backpack.
- Partitioning/Zone rendering for vehicles fixed.
- Tweaks & fixes that are too little to mention here.
- New patrons added to the credits screen.

Some known issues:

- You start to shake after picking up the backpack...
  This is not a strange illness but a collision issue;
  also working on that. Avoid the campsite after picking up.
- The walk/sprint toggle is triggered after a fall
- Extreme sound panning issues (sometimes)
- NPC's aren't animating properly (don't have a mocap studio)
- fps drop to 30 something in the city when playing on 1440p
  while 50 something elsewhere. Game optimization is on
  ongoing process during the alpha stage; please play
  with 1080p for best performance and turn AA high
  for that matter. (It's a DX9 game after all)
- The camera mode seems to switch for 1 or 2 frames
  when falling or moving downwards quickly, giving a short flicker.
  For this issue we do need a c++ unicorn!
- Sometimes a dense area like towns may cause a crash;
  because this is a 32bit application and sometimes
  uses too much memory (even if your system has plenty)
- Tell about issues you have found so we can add them!!!

📥  ManFisher on itch.io

It’s not certain when the next update will come as there are currently not so many who are willing to try a 100% free game 😕

Thank you all for the support and please do stay tuned for the next!



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