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  2. Big News! All 191 music tracks on my Funny pages are now available as higher-quality Ogg downloads. You can download them individually or all-at-once as a music pack. There are lots of chiptunes-style tracks in that collection that would work in 2D games as well as all kinds of quirky, odd and strange pieces that can be used in all kinds of things. Here’s the link: https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are: On my Rock page: “OUTDOOR ADVENTURES” “HAPPY HOUR” https://soundimage.org/rock/ Enjoy…and keep creating!
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  4. seasons greetings and happy holidays all , 1 . in a few more recent pics , the little gui showed rather low frame rate . I discovered that I had left shadow texture size at 2048 . now its back to 512 or 1024 , 512 I think and much improved FPS as ther are many trees and shadows . 2. I made this helmet in Blender and added it to the clothes in makeHuman where I can now add it to any new character I make . btw I selected all of the vertices in the human head that fit just in side of the helmet object to add to the humans helmet vertex group . (I think I hid the ears though) . this eliminated almost if not all of the distortion of the helmet that I was gettting by just using one or few vertexes . any how , a plethora of materials can be easily added to the helmet object in makeHuman and instantly changed . My current Tank is a wheeledVehicle using an armature to control turret rotation , bigGun pitch , and the eye node . Allows me to make all moves simultaneous , I dont need a freeLook key . the turret shape attached to the wheeled vehicle gave me some problems as a control object . The packets being rouneded to the nearest degree in the move manager stuff , I suspect , but of course they are great for Ai which bring up another issue , If I move far distance from other wheeledVehicle/turretShape objects then return to that spot , the turrets will have removed from the wheeledVehicle and be rotating on the ground and even though they're rotaing property is false . If I nudge them (turretShape) )in the editor , they pop back into place on the wheeledVehicle . BTW when I say far distance , I am using a 16Km X 16km map so I can move 10 miles away . the onepiece wheeledVehicle has been behaving nicely at that distance , we'll see. now I want to add sight/s projected from the muzzle/s . any advise would be great . the maingun just fires straight from the muzzle , no sight yet . its just 2 bones attached to a mount in the end of the barrel . the smallGun which here is the AiTurretHead uses muzzlecorrection and fire toward the cursor . so its mouse button0 - fire mainGun , mouseButton1- fire smallGun , mouse Xaxis - look rotate , mouse Yaxis - look pitch forwar back left right moves on the keyboard .
  5. Greetings Everyone, Brand new free texture images are ready and in need good homes in your projects. They’re on these pages on my site: CONCRETE (Artistic) FUR/CARPET (Artistic) As always, you can access them here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ NEWS For those of you who have been using my music, all 190+ tracks from my Funny/Quirky/Weird pages are now available in higher-quality Ogg format. You can download them individually or all at once as a music pack. So enjoy, stay healthy and keep creating!
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  7. Greetings Creative Souls, This week’s new free-to-use-with-attribution music tracks are: On my Sci-Fi 11 page: CYBERPUNK ARCADE 3 https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ And on my Rock page: CROSS COUNTRY TRUCKIN’ https://soundimage.org/rock/ OTHER NEWS I’m working on an Ogg music pack for my Funny/Quirky/Weird music. It shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s done. COMPILATION ALBUMS I’ve had a good number of people from the community tell me that they enjoy listening to my music while doing other things, like coding their games, so I’m considering creating some albums from my music. If anyone has requests or suggestions, feel free to message/email me. Enjoy my free assets…and keep being creative!
  8. Greetings Creative Souls! My newest free texture images are on these pages: PAPER (Artistic) BARK (Artistic) BRICK (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ I’ve created over 4600 more…all free to use in your projects with attribution. Enjoy!
  9. Another busy week, but I managed to get a couple of new tracks done. Free to use, as always, with attribution: On my Funny 8 page, we have: “CARNIVAL OF STRANGENESS” https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ And on my Puzzle Music 7 page: “PUZZLE TECHNICA” https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ Enjoy!
  10. Happy Friday Everyone! More free images are in need of good homes in your projects. My newest ones are on these pages: VEGETATION (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy, stay well and keep creating cool stuff!
  11. Hey Fellow Creators, This week’s new free MP3 music tracks are: On my Dark/Ominous 2 page: “NIGHT THINGS” https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: “UNEASY ANTICIPATION” “UNEASY ANTICIPATION_v001” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ CUSTOM MUSIC Need some custom music created for your project? I try very hard to keep it affordable for everyone. Info is here: https://soundimage.org/custom-work/ OGG MUSIC PACKS AND TRACKS For those of you who are new to my site, many of my tracks are also available in Ogg format. Why use Ogg tracks? 1. They tend to loop better in games. 2. They sound fantastic…almost as good as the original WAV recordings (but are much smaller in size…perfect for games and apps.) 3. They’re a cool way to support my efforts. The MP3 versions, as always, are 100% free to use. So enjoy, stay healthy and keep creating!
  12. Happy November Everyone! New free images are ready for you on these pages on my site: METAL - Artistic (Tile-able) STONE - Artistic (Tile-able) You can download them here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Does anyone need some custom assets created? Just let me know!
  13. Hi all, There is a group of avid Orbz 2.1 players who would dearly love to get a Ranking Server back up and running. Is there anyone here with the knowledge on how this can be achieved or know someone that they could put us in touch with who might be able to help. thanks for reading this post. if you are not familiar with the game, please visit our support webpage for more detail... www.orbzonline.net Fingers crossed someone maybe able to help :))
  14. Greetings Everyone, This week’s new free music tracks are: On my new Sci-Fi 11 page: CREEPY LAB DRONES (1-3) https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ On my Sci-Fi Ambience page: WEIRD LAB LOOPS (1-5) https://soundimage.org/amb-sci-fi-ambience/ As always, they’re completely free to use with attribution. If you can, please consider making a small donation on my site to support my efforts. And don’t forget about my Ogg music packs and tracks. They’re a cool way to support my efforts, too. Stay healthy and have a good week!
  15. Greetings Fellow Creatives! This week’s new free images are on these pages: ORGANIC (Artistic) GROUND (Artistic) You can access / download them here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ 4000+ more images are waiting for you on my site. COOL LEARNING VIDEOS I’ve also created a new page where you can access my learning videos: https://soundimage.org/cool-learning-videos/ Enjoy…and keep being creative!
  16. Hey there fellow creatives, Here are this week’s new free music tracks: On my Funny 8 page: “SLIME INVADERS” https://soundimage.org/funny-8/ On my Horror 2 page: “STRANGENESS IN THE NIGHT” https://soundimage.org/horror-2/ And on my Sci-Fi 10 page: “CYBER STREET CRUISING” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ HALLOWEEN MUSIC If anyone needs some Halloween music and sounds, be sure to check out these pages on my site: https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ https://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ https://soundimage.org/sfx-creepy/ Everything is 100% free to use with attribution. Stay healthy and please share my site!
  17. Here are the pages on my site with this week’s new seamless images. They are 100% free to use with attribution, like my 2000+ tracks of music and sounds: CONCRETE / PAVEMENT (Artistic) BARK (Artistic) BRICK (Artistic) You can access and download them here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy and please share!
  18. Why don't you tap yourself on the shoulder and say thank you and be happy that you actually participated and created something? Many develeopers only talk about doing it one day, and here you are, with something you are not 100% happy with, but you know what? I guess no one is with his or hers product. There is always room for improvement, for more this and that. Take that as one a great learning experience and lessons learned for you next participation where you will rock it even better my friend ! Keep going! PS: Many games from LD look super polished while a) they are team products, speaking coders and artists who can split the workload, b) individuals like notch(the minecraft dude) who are die hard game jam veterans and doing this since child hood, c) cheaters who one hour after official start upload a wokring product -> meaning it was done way before.
  19. This is Interesting and useful! Lots of insights that are worth a revisit
  20. didnt mention , it was decimate modifier / unsubdivide / 7 iterations
  21. this skeletons skin mesh is 25 k'ish , the bones is 101,000 + tris . even my blender is lagging pretty good with it loaded . so i use the decimate modifier on this object . and reduce it 75% in under a second almost . original 101,000 tris object after decimate in edit mode shows a lot to work with to get it prettied back up a comparison , its a bit disappointing but this is completely un retouched after the decimate and I think it will touch up very nicely . anyhoo...
  22. I forgot the jackolantern buckets but oh well . makeHuman 1.1 models/clothes/materials , torque3d 3.9 . all the characters are single size , just for this little show off thread , but the hero cape was reduced in blender 2.79 from 9000 + to just less than 1000 with decimate modifier using un-subdivide and required little touch-up . they are a bit high I think around 30 k'ish , the batman like character , somehow I,d duplicated the suit mesh in make human but only had to delete one of them . been really easy to work with these . for anyone seeing that the fps's are not very sweet . I use a AMD A6 , 8 GB RAM , vidia 610 GT . windows 7 . So , about 10 years old .
  23. Greetings Everyone, I released 2 new music tracks this week: “GALACTIC POLE POSITION” “RUINS ON RIGEL 3” They’re 100% free to use with attribution, like my 2000+ other tracks. You’ll find them here: https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ Enjoy and please share my site!
  24. a second angle , more stuff .
  25. Hi everyone, Brand new seamless images are ready on these pages on my site: VEGETATION (Artistic) WOOD (Artistic) As always, they are 100% free to use with attribution and can be accessed from here: https://soundimage.org/images-home-page/ Enjoy and please share my site! soundimage.org/
  26. starting on a neighborhood , blender 2.79 archimesh archipack structure making stuff (blender add-ons), and a couple of makehuman 1.1 / makehumancommunity (assets) hulk model , scaled to 7feet in blender) spiderman hood and costume clothes) blender contributions .
  27. Hey Folks, Another very hectic week (ugh!) but I did manage to create a new free music track to share: ELECTRIC OCEAN SUNSET https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-10/ As always, it’s 100% free to use with attribution, just like my 2000+ other tracks. Enjoy and keep creating!
  28. Thanks, Azaezel! Unfortunately, I'm using basic lightning... I'm currently using another different approach. Before swapping I copy the backbuffer to a texture, and then draw it mirrored. There are some artifacts but I tinkered to minimize them.
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