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  • Asset Pipeline


    Modules, Assets and Managed Content

    As of Torque3D, version 4.0, the engine utilizes a managed content tracking system. This article introduces the aspects of this system, how it works, and how you can use it.


    Modules are the backbone of the managed content system. Effectively a 'package' of content, modules can be dropped in and make available any assets underneath it quickly and easily.


    Assets represent discrete chunks of content or data. They can be a ShapeAsset, for a 3D model, an ImageAsset for an image, and so on. Assets can also be complex types like a LevelAsset which can not only have the level file itself, but also associated forest, decal, postFX config info and more associated to the single asset entry.

    Importing Content

    Now to walk you through and example of importing a new piece of content so you can use it.


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