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War On Console Spam


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Kept getting annoying console spam. :x

Some object would be deleted whilst in a trigger and the trigger's onLeave callback would call but the object would no longer exist. Note: I never did find out WHAT was actually getting deleted but hey ... it'd be like " Object (1412324) unknown command whatever". To prevent this I threw in an extra check to make sure that the object is properly added before the warnf.

line ~1814 console/compiledEval.cpp

               if(!noCalls && !( routingId == MethodOnComponent ) )
				   if (gEvalState.thisObject->isProperlyAdded())//yorks added for console spam with object deletion in triggers
					   Con::warnf(ConsoleLogEntry::General, "%s: Unknown command %s.", getFileLine(ip - 6), fnName);
					   if (callType == FuncCallExprNode::MethodCall)
						   Con::warnf(ConsoleLogEntry::General, "  Object %s(%d) %s compiledEval",
							   gEvalState.thisObject->getName() ? gEvalState.thisObject->getName() : "",
							   gEvalState.thisObject->getId(), Con::getNamespaceList(ns));


And not had any warnings about unknown objects since. :D

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