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DetourCrowd will take a rewrite. Sourcecode for the navmesh system interop can be found https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/tree/development/Engine/source/navigation

https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D/blob/development/Engine/source/navigation/navMesh.cpp#L859-L1097 for example.

Done a bit of looking on and off, and unless I'm misreading the system, at minimum we'll be needing to eyeball converting it to use the detourtileCache example vs the detourTile one to play nice with agents, then hook up the agent management protocols to aiPlayer/cook up a source side aiManager.

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Well it is definitely worth it as with Urho3D 100 physical characters spawned did give about 10-20 FPS and with 100 agents via DetourCrowd was quite well with 100+ FPS on the same machine. Need to learn source code first though.

Currently with Torque3D 100 aiplayers heavily drop FPS to slideshow level so I wonder...

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