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get player position in torque c++


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yes i tried this already - i think its from the player class?

So i tried this with included the player.h :( :

Player *pl = new Player();

Point3F pos = pl->getPosition();

but its not the active position it always goes to point 0.000 0.000 100.000 :/

maybe you know why?

thx and greetz!


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Ah, the Player class it isn't only for the active game player. It's just an object that moves like a Player and it can be used as the control object.

Maybe something like "actor" could have been more appropriate.

When you use "new" you create a new instance that is independent of any other Player object.

You are using getPosition() correctly but as you're using it in a new object you just get the initial value of the position as defined in Player::Player().

What you need is to first find the pointer of the player character and then use getPosition() on that.

For that you can use getControlObject with the GameConnection


GameConnection* connection = GameConnection::getConnectionToServer();
if( !connection )
  //fail with the game. Maybe you haven't started the level. Return an error.
Player* playerObject = dynamic_cast< Player* >( connection->getControlObject() );
if( !playerObject)
  //fail. Maybe the control object is a camera or a vehicle not parented to Player
Point3F pos = playerObject->getPosition();


If you add that I think you may need as extra

#include "T3D/gameBase/gameConnection.h"

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