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Any good tutorials for character modelling/importing?


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It seems that the default Soldier Guy model is a bad learning resource, at least according to Duion.

So, does anyone have any good tutorials, suggestions, etc. for getting a completely customized character model in-game?

I am using Blender and I couldn't find anything concise as for what should I do to make a character from scratch.

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Just use makehuman and depending how much work you want to make for yourself start replacing the basemesh with your own parts.

My paintball player is made that way, I used a makehuman basemesh and then modeled my own stuff around and deleted the inside model, only parts left original from makehuman are the hands and the shoes.


After that I animated him using reference sheets for animators, just search for that, but most is just try and error.

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Yeah, I got him in-game, the problem now is how to handle animations.

Ideally I would like it to split animations into sequences instead of having a single "ambient" sequence if that's even possible.

I'm using BetterCollada exporter atm

EDIT: Alright got it, "export all actions" and "export animations" seem to do the trick. Still would like to know how the soldier model separates animations from the actual model though!

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You point to a file in script and define the track.

For example for my playermodel it is like this:

%this.addSequence("ambient", "run", "62", "83", "1", "0");

This means use the ambient sequence and use frame 62 to 83 for run animation, I have all animations on the same track.

If oyu want them separate, do it as the soldier model does it, export every animation into a separate file, then you do it the same way, except you do not need to specify the frames to use.

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