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Creating GUIs as new windows?


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Greetings, oh wise ones.

This is not a make or break issue for me right this minute, but one bit of feedback I've gotten on my application is that it would be extremely useful for my GUI windows to be independent of the main Torque window, so they could (for example) be dragged over to another monitor and be out of the way of the main world editor view.

Is there any way to make this happen short of creating another instance of Torque and communicating with the first one over a socket, or similar dramatic measures? There isn't just a way to easily turn on that sort of functionality is there?

Thanks for your advice, whatever it may be. Keep up the good work!

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It was working where you could actually just create a new GuiCanvas and it'd be fine. But I just tried to test it and it looks like it throws a tizzy with GFXTextures derping. I know we'd fixed something along those lines once before, but it looks like it re-broke. I'll have a look-see into it and get that sorted back out.

I've wanted multi-window support for editors anyways, so making sure that works properly is important to me ;)

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