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The Reasons I'm not making mad games!


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So I'm more of a helper, I love to assist on projects, I try to start one but I'm more of a helper or a project manager because I cannot donate enough time to work every aspect of game development. I cannot donate enough time because I'm an Active Duty Soldier, Ron knows how it is... Unfortunately the Army hasn't fully grasped intelligence over strength, and while I got some pretty good intellect running around in my head *I'm trying to locate it currently* is because I'm recovering from three surgeries over the past 5 years, each one of my shoulders have had labral tears and really jacked up/cracked rotator cuffs and then my tummy blew it's guts out a little bit, I've been just a hot mess, don't run as fast as I used too so I'm working back up to that...

Fortunately I've been gaining TONS of strength back and I'm pleasantly surprised at the work I've put in vs results I've received. I had someone video record this as proof because lord knows how long the strength will last.

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