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Weird performance under Linux.


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Finally I could make some tests on Linux with my new GPU and even though Linux on average has less FPS, like 60 instead of 80 in a typical scene, it still feels smoother to play, since under Linux there are less of these "hickups" you get on windows probably through Torquescript when something is loaded.

Anyone made similar experiences or has explanations or is it just a wrong perception by me?

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Geforce 1050 and NVIDIA drivers.

What I'm referring to is those loading lags you get when something loads especially in scripts, like the first time you enter a level or the first time you use a weapon, it will always lag a tiny bit and also occasionally while ingame, this does not seem to happen on Linux, therefore it runs smoother, even though FPS count shows the opposite.

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I haven't profiled it lately but i wouldn't expect too much performance difference using nvidia drivers on windows and linux under OpenGL, unlike amd, nvidia actually still seem to care about OpenGL and have decent drivers for it on both platforms.

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