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How do I change the main title bar again?


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Hey, feels like I should know this already, but as a quick refresher, can anyone tell me where to go to fix the title bar on my project? I'm actually reaching a point where branding might actually be on the table, and I fixed the splash screens etc, but I can't recall where I set "MegaMotion" to be my project name (I thought it was in torque.rc or torqueConfig.h, but they haven't worked so far) and I'm not sure I've ever known how to get rid of the "Torque 3D MIT - " part of the title line:


Anybody fresh on this? I did a full rebuild after changing the above files, with no visible effect.

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Ah, right, there it is. Main.cs, createCanvas():


function createCanvas(%windowTitle)
  if ($isDedicated)
     return true;

  // Create the Canvas
  %foo = new GuiCanvas(Canvas)
     displayWindow = $platform !$= "windows";

  $GameCanvas = %foo;

  // Set the window title
  if (isObject(Canvas))
     Canvas.setWindowTitle(getEngineName() @ " - " @ $appName); // <--- THIS ----

  return true;

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yes is true :) sorry about that I was a little confuse because you post in C++, and I use the new module/template and it behaves differently that's why I did not see it :lol:

anyways to people out there, for the new template/module:



Old template from here:



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