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UWP for Torque 3D or 2D ever coming?


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Hi guys,

I've been actively using Torque 3D and 2D since their Beta stages (Yeah, lonnnngggg time huh?) until recently when I stopped about a year ago to move to Game Maker Studio 2 for the UWP/Windows and Android option. I see T2D has Android coding now added which is awesome, but will we ever see Torque run on UWP now that Microsoft has opened up the Xbox One platform to build games on for Indies? I see that as the next big thing for Torque 2D and 3D but never heard much about it from anyone.

Is any talks currently happening for this that I'm not aware of? If there is, that would be awesome as I have always enjoyed both engines. I'm currently setting up to begin testing of game ideas with the newest Torque 2D now that it is Android compatible. Please let me know as I am very interested if talks are even happening for either engine or both.

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Good to see you here again! I'm certainly not the best to reply to this because I can't stand Microsoft or any idea of closing off an application. With Linux and Mac now supported I personally hope that devs will support multi-platform. I don't know exactly how hard it is to add the APIs but since T3D is open source couldn't you do it yourself?

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UWP, android and iOS is something that we would all love to see supported with T3D, it basically comes down to the man power thing. It's certainly on the radar but at the moment there are just more pressing matters that we are working on.

All the above mentioned ports could make use of SDL for platform code and the UWP port could use the D3D11 gfx device (with some mods), android and iOS would need a modified OpenGL gfx device to suit OpenGL ES on those platforms. It would be sweet to have a proper metal gfx device for macOS and iOS and also a vulkan gfx for win/linux/android, again it's just the time/man power thing. I guess in short, yes we would love to add support for those platforms, most likely in the future there will be support but nothing in the works right now. Maybe @JeffR can correct anything i have said above in regard to timelines :)

Sorry i got no idea about any status with T2D.

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