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For those who haven't seen this software before, it's been around for quite a while now, and apart from the obvious uses, it is one of the best converters from one format to another I have ever used, and has quite a large list of games that it can export to for modding etc.

Anyway, I have been exchanging emails with the developer of the weekend and he has updated the plugin that imports and exports the DTS files so that it will now open the CACHED.DTS files that Torque3D creates. I have in the past found this to be quite useful for verifying the DTS file as well as solving some issues with imported files.

For those that use unwrap3D the updated plugin can be found http://unwrap3d.com/u3d/downloads.aspx

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I don't recommend this software for exporting to DTS. Even the author admits that its DTS exporter is very rudimentary. It only supports one level of detail and some exported characters will make Torque crash. For DTS I recommend Milkshape and its DTSPlus exporter.

The DAE exporter is quite good for staic shapes, but has its flaws when it comes to exporting animated characters to T3D.

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