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Hello everyone!

I wonder how to make new control and add it to the GUI Editor.

For example, I need to make improved "GuiTreeViewCtrl" - control that have new property.

It should take an XML file(that is input thanks to property) and show it.

I guess I should inherit from the "GuiTreeViewCtrl" and add this property.

But I don't now how to show new control in the GUI Editor.

Could someone help me?

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I tried to make "GuiButtonNewCtrl" for example.

It is the same as "GuiButtonCtrl":

- consist of two files - *.cpp and *.h;

- inherited from the "GuiButtonBaseCtrl".

So the only difference is a name of a class actually.

Here is a GuiButtonNewCtrl.h:


#include "gui/buttons/guiButtonBaseCtrl.h"

class GuiButtonNewCtrl : public GuiButtonBaseCtrl
  typedef GuiButtonBaseCtrl Parent;
  bool mHasTheme;
  bool onWake();
  void onRender(Point2I offset, const RectI &updateRect);



Here is a GuiButtonNewCtrl.cpp:

#include "platform/platform.h"
#include "gui/buttons/GuiButtonNewCtrl.h"

#include "console/console.h"
#include "console/consoleTypes.h"
#include "gfx/gfxDevice.h"
#include "gfx/gfxDrawUtil.h"
#include "gui/core/guiCanvas.h"
#include "gui/core/guiDefaultControlRender.h"


ConsoleDocClass( GuiButtonNewCtrl,
  "@brief The most widely used button class.\n\n"

  "GuiButtonNewCtrl renders seperately of, but utilizes all of the functionality of GuiBaseButtonCtrl.\n" 
  "This grants GuiButtonNewCtrl the versatility to be either of the 3 button types.\n\n"

  "// Create a PushButton GuiButtonNewCtrl that calls randomFunction when clicked\n"
  "%button = new GuiButtonNewCtrl()\n"
  "   profile    = \"GuiButtonProfile\";\n"
  "   buttonType = \"PushButton\";\n"
  "   command    = \"randomFunction();\";\n"

  "@ingroup GuiButtons"


  setExtent(140, 30);
  mButtonText = StringTable->EmptyString();


bool GuiButtonNewCtrl::onWake()
  if( !Parent::onWake() )
     return false;

  // Button Theme?
  if( mProfile->constructBitmapArray() >= 36 )
     mHasTheme = true;
     mHasTheme = false;

  return true;



void GuiButtonNewCtrl::onRender(Point2I      offset,
                            const RectI& updateRect)
  bool highlight = mMouseOver;
  bool depressed = mDepressed;

  ColorI fontColor   = mActive ? ( highlight ? mProfile->mFontColorHL : mProfile->mFontColor ) : mProfile->mFontColorNA;
  ColorI fillColor   = mActive ? ( highlight ? mProfile->mFillColorHL : mProfile->mFillColor ) : mProfile->mFillColorNA;
  ColorI borderColor = mActive ? ( highlight ? mProfile->mBorderColorHL : mProfile->mBorderColor ) : mProfile->mBorderColorNA;

  RectI boundsRect(offset, getExtent());

  if( !mHasTheme )
     if( mProfile->mBorder != 0 )
        renderFilledBorder( boundsRect, borderColor, fillColor, mProfile->mBorderThickness );
        GFX->getDrawUtil()->drawRectFill( boundsRect, fillColor );
     S32 indexMultiplier = 1;

     if( !mActive )
        indexMultiplier = 4;
     else if ( mDepressed || mStateOn )
        indexMultiplier = 2;
     else if ( mMouseOver )
        indexMultiplier = 3;

     renderSizableBitmapBordersFilled( boundsRect, indexMultiplier, mProfile );

  Point2I textPos = offset;
  if( depressed )
     textPos += Point2I( 1, 1 );

  GFX->getDrawUtil()->setBitmapModulation( fontColor );
  renderJustifiedText( textPos, getExtent(), mButtonText );

  //render the children
  renderChildControls( offset, updateRect);


But I got an error:


Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error (active)		explicit specialization of member "EngineClassTypeInfo<T, Base>::smDocString [with T=GuiButtonNewCtrl::ThisType, Base=GuiButtonNewCtrl::_ClassBase]" must precede its first use ()	newFull	e:\Vova\projects\Torque3D\Engine\source\gui\buttons\guiButtonNewCtrl.cpp	35	


Error points to:

ConsoleDocClass( GuiButtonNewCtrl,


What did I miss?

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I found what I missed.

In a header file I didn't change the name of a guard:


#include "gui/buttons/guiButtonBaseCtrl.h"


So the 1st error is not anymore. But the second - "cannot open file" still exists.

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