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Hey, I've been under a rock apparently. It seems Torsion is open-source MIT.

What I was wondering is could someone please compile it for me. I am on Linux only now but heard it runs Under WINE.

Is there a way for me to compile it in Linux?

Would appreciate it.


The engine definitely compiles on linux, i can compile a binary for linux mint 18.3 for you if you like? This page should still be fairly accurate http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:compiling-in-linux . I regularly test the linux build with both gcc & clang.

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Oh yes i can't even read anymore :mrgreen: . Yeah torsion is windows only, it uses wxwidgets, so as you mentioned now it is MIT it would be possible to make it work in for linux or even macOS, i haven't been over the code base for it so no idea how how much work it would take

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