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Creating sand dunes


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Hey people!

I recently picked up Torque again, after being occupied with less interesting things for a while. I've taken it upon myself to create a desert level, but I'm having difficulties creating convincing sand dunes. The editor tools aren't really suited (or I'm failing horribly at using them) and I can't seem to find any heightmaps online. Lots of areal pictures everywhere but those don't work as heightmaps because of the shadowing.

Would anyone have any good resources, a usable height map or some tricks I can use in the editor to create that Sahara-feel I'm looking for?



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Oh wow, the screenshot in that link is really nice. I'd love to see if you get something like that working! Though those smooth ridgelines on hieghtmap terrain seem... unlikely. Either way, this is just the sort of thing that the Deathball and Mars demos need for their terrains :D

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