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Extanding GuiTreeViewCtrl.


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Hello everyone!

I have very interesting task. I'm new in the gamedev that is why asking for your help.

I need to make some kind of extention of the GuiTreeViewCtrl class.

The task is:

  • Map chosen Xml file into a Tree.


1. Part.

I worked a bit with the SimXMLDocument() class. I tried an example from the documentation - mapped a small Xml to the GuiTextListCtrl.

I used TorqueScript for that. It works.

Now I need to try GuiTreeViewCtrl instead GuiTextListCtrl.

Ok. I will do it to understand better how GuiTreeViewCtrl works.

2. Part.

But what I can not image right now is about additional task:

  • There should be new control class that has tree to show and a field where the information from the selected item is shown.


3. Part

I'm thinking about few steps:

  1. Inherit from the GuiTreeViewCtrl;
  2. Add a string(or const char*) variable for a path to the xml file - "xmlPath";
  3. Add a setter - setXmlPath(const char*);


These are very first steps.

Here I have questions:

  • After making this 3 steps whould I have access from the Gui Editor to call the setXmlPath() method(so via TorqueScript)?
  • How to add new gui field to this class? Erm.. maybe GuiTextField to this class?

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Adding method. Solved.

I succesfully added new method to the class I'm playing with.

I added a new method to the class:

int GuiButtonNewCtrl::getNewVar()
 return newVar;


And registered it with DefineEngineMethod:

DefineEngineMethod(GuiButtonNewCtrl, getNewVar, int, (), ,
 "Get the text display on the button's label (if any).\n\n"
 "@return The button's label.")
 return object->getNewVar();


Ok. It works with int. But conceptually problem about transmission data to the class using TorqueScript is solved.

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