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Getting the joystick working.


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Mine is a USB Logitech Extreme3DPro, it seems to be attached, isJoystickEnabled() returns "1", but bindings to "joystick" or "joystick0" don't work. I found this old link that still seemed to be partially relevant, at least re: the changes to winDirectInput.cpp


However, when I call echoInputState() I get "DirectInput not enabled", even though $enableDirectInput = 1.

Anybody got any ideas?

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If you are building with TORQUE_SDL enabled, it will disable the DirectinputManager stuff. To be honest i have no clue what the state of joystick support is like when sdl is enabled but considering there is no SDL_JoystickOpen() in the source code, i would say not good :lol: Jokes aside, there is no joystick support with sdl yet (well sdl handles joysticks just fine, just no support in the t3d sdl platform stuff i mean), so you will have to build the engine with TORQUE_SDL disabled (obviously windows only) to get joystick support for now and unfortunately if you are using development branch this is no longer supported, so no joystick support until someone writes in support for the sdl joystick stuff.

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