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Compiler Problems with new Computer


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Hello Again ;)

i have a new Problem again - the Problem is that while running "CMake" i get the following error at the end configuring:


Call Stack (most recent call first):

Engine/lib/openal-soft/CMakeLists.txt:938 (CHECK_INCLUDE_FILES)

ive installed all relevant data (Directx sdk etc.) but i cant get out ..

maybe you can help ... thanks a lot!



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If you're using Visual Studio 2017 (the one recommended for Windows 10) for CMake to work you need desktop c++ (warning: it's like 5 GB)


I got a new computer and I only needed that to compile the newest torque 3d. No need of external files of old directx 9 anymore.

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You have discovered a bug with the Release Candidate version of cmake (it's setting the OS version wrong, this is why i thought you had windows xp sp2/3 originally). Uninstall the Release Candidate version of cmake and download a stable version i.e 3.10.2 release. It will work than ;)

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