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Sticky object through script?


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How can you change the sticky setting of an object through torque script?

i am attempting to make objects that the players can move around and then "Set" once they choose a location.

I've tried

%obj.sticky = true;


and i tried

	%TempDataBlock = %obj.getDataBlock();
%TempDataBlock.sticky = true;


no luck.

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What object class are you working with? I've never seen a sticky field on anything but Item. Also, I suspect that altering the datablock is not what you should be doing.

DeployableAITurret / AITurret

datablock AITurretShapeData(ReactorDeployableTurret : ReactorAITurret)

datablock AITurretShapeData(ReactorAITurret)

datablock ShapeBaseImageData(ReactorDeployableTurretImage)


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Sometimes, yes.

and there MUST be a way for the engine to enable / disable the sticky quality on the fly because, well, the editor does it.

The editor can dynamically change the "Sticky" value of an object in real time. just test with creating a sticky... unsticky... resticky in the editor.

unfortunately I'm not talented enough to understand how it's doing it.

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nice try, Doc, but freezesim() is part of RigidShape inheritance.

AITurretShape and RigidShape both use ShapeBase, but AITurretShape doesn't use RigidShape - it's a different branch of the inheritance shape.

RigidShape inheritence:


AITurretShape Inheritence:


full list of all AITurretShape functions/values can be found here: http://docs.garagegames.com/torque-3d/reference/classAITurretShape-members.html (is this up to date with 3.6.1? i don't know)

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