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Grass Physics


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The ground cover does not use the regular wind emitter that works with the forest items. What you can do is make the grass as forest items and then mount a wind emitter to your player or whatever, then it will only affect the grass in the radius of the wind, but I think this will screw over your current design with the groundcover grass.

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The problem with that idea is that the foliage fx has no collision that I am aware of. It seems, even when using a dts shape. Of course, it could be done but would probably take some serious engine changes. Even if you got a windscale variable worked out in script, all your billboards placed by that replicator, would move if say, you tied it to when you walked in the particular terrain texture that controlled that replicator. I have been thinking about this but have not come up with anything.

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I got an idea, if you have your grass mowing working, you can add another grass mowing effect that will replace the grass with another grass that has a higher wind scale, so the grass will move from the wind stronger if you touch it or come closer.

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hmm ok,

i get some way but i think its not right:


function set_gcover() {
   new GroundCover() {   
   Material = "grass3";
      probability[0] = "1";
      probability[1] = "1";
      sizeMin[0] = "0.1";
      sizeMin[1] = "0.1";
      sizeMax[0] = "0.5";
      sizeMax[1] = "0.5";
      windScale[0] = "1";
      windScale[1] = "1";


maybe you could help :)

thanks a lot!



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