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Torque 3D not starting on Ubuntu 17.10 (Open GL 1.4)


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Initializing platform...

Input Init:


Failed to load OpenAL shared library. Sound will not be available

SFXALProvider - OpenAL not available.

DebugDrawer Enabled!

GFX Init:

Could not create GL context: GLXBadFBConfig

../Engine/source/gfx/gl/sdl/gfxGLDevice.sdl.cpp(95,0): {Fatal} - Could not create GL context: GLXBadFBConfig

Platform::debugBreak: triggering SIGSEGV for core dump

% Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)


What's wrong? I think my graphics card is too old. Will it work if I build Torque3D with an older Open GL version?

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My graphics card is Intel G41 Express Chipset, Windows Version ran fine on this card.

I think I should just go back to Windows instead of messing around with Linux version, I assume Windows version uses Direct X, So It will run fine.

I can't even use Torsion in Linux.

Anyway, Thanks for replying to my post.

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