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Good Morning :)

okay now a better explained question than the last one :P

i want to publish my game for others - can i encrypt the sourcecode?

or better how can i make the game working on other computers with other graphics.

the problem is i tried the game as it is on another computer but the fps are very slow but its a better performance computer - sot it has to normally be faster :/

it would be nice if you could help :)

thanks and greets!


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You can compile the scripts with the "CompileAll" flag, look in your main.cs in the game root folder there is a line called "if($compileAll)" etc then it will compile all the scripts. All the flags you can use are listed in the parseArgs.cs file.

So you launch the executable with the argument like "mygame.exe -compileAll" then it will compile the scripts I think.

Regarding peformance, you need to optimise the performance and test if it runs on older PCs, especially find good default settings in the graphics options, so people do not have to manually reduce the graphics quality for it to run on their computer.

Additionally you can also pack all the assets into a zip like format, but I don't know how that works.

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NOTE: your main.cs in the game directory still needs to be a cs file (unless someone changed that recently) or your game won't load.


I've always wondered why this wasn't moved into source code, most of the things in there are just basic function definitions with a few "flag" parameters that could do better in a general header file.

Having main.cs present leaves room for executing "undesired" code in games, but alas, that's just the security part of me speaking.

The rest of your code can be safely "compiled" as Duion has stated, assets will be present in the art folder, but those can also be compiled and shipped in that form. Most of your work will be on the optimization front at the end.

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Hello together,

ok - is see - thank you very much - the thing is of course it could be moved but i dont try to ask stupid questions ;)

So thanks!



PS: Sorry for penetrating you but i have opened one last thread because i dont find a way to publish in the browser - THX!

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