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Time of Day Events: Lights and Sound

Jason Campbell

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Time Events: Lights and Sound

Original Dynamic Light Code by John Ford

Sounds are CC0

Adds the ability to have lights in the level that turn on at night.

Also demonstrates one way to have other things occur. I've included ambient sound that changes from day to night.

Shows how relatively simple using a timed events are.

Download timeEvent.zip


Follow my crappy included instructions.

Edit: Forgot to add to instructions. For the sound to start initially you need to call the function. I just put it in game.cs when the mission is loaded.

Add :

startDaySounds ();

If your mission starts at night add:

startNightSounds ();



Make sure that you have a scene set-up in a similar manner. AmbientSound, DynamicLights and MissionLights match the included code.

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