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Megamotion has a new download!


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Well, in my established tradition of sneaking out soft launches to my infinitesimal market of T3D homies before it's actually ready for the mainstream, I present to you, Megamotion 2018!


(Still Windows only, sorry!)

That file is the crippleware version, which means only that it doesn't export BVH. It is not time limited and you can use it all day long for dsq purposes - consider that my little gift back to the Torque community. 8-) But if you actually do use it, please consider buying a license.

Unfortunately, unless I get it fixed this afternoon, you might have to contact me directly to download your fully working version, because my WordPress Download Manager plugin seems to be throttling my speed to the point that it doesn't work at all... even though I radically increased the setting labeled "download speed", so... :evil:

But anyway, like I said, soft launch, really more of a QA release than anything else - it's still very much rubber bands and bailing twine, which is why it's on sale for $99 instead of $299. But should you be so inclined, a license can be purchased using paypal at this link:


If you're interested, here is my latest writeup on it. (Sorry, forgot how to use these URL tags properly.)


Try not to laugh too hard, the fact that it works at all is a minor miracle. :lol: Now if I can just get beyond the programmer art phase...

Oh, last but not least, I'm giving you guys the direct link to the file, because of the aforementioned download problem, but I'm not sure how to find my server logs on dreamhost and I don't have any other way to know how many people have looked at it, so if you do happen to get so far as to download and open it up, please comment here letting me know you grabbed it and whether or not it ran.


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crippleware version

Ahaha, oh geeze ;)

Still, this all looks pretty rad :)

I'll need to grab a license for it in the near future here.

Also, for the url stuff, you can do it like this:


[url=http://www.google.com]Da Googles[/url]


And it'll look like Da Googles

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Also, for the url stuff, you can do it like this:


Ah, right, I was trying to use quotes and then I ran out of mental bandwidth, lol. Knew it was something like that.

Re: the crippleware, yeah, I know... Still not sure of the best way to deal with that, I don't want to spend half my life trying to secure a trial version but on the other hand I could probably just get by with a simple date check or something and still scoop up the 99% of potential customers who aren't hackers (who probably aren't going to buy a license anyway).

Suggestions welcome. With Ecstasy Motion we went with IntelliProtector, and they actually worked out relatively well for us, but I really don't want some Russian black box third party to be running my whole show this time around, just on principle, I'd rather lose a few licenses than expose my customers to unknowns like that.

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