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Stop Left-Over Gamepad Input


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Okeedokee, here's a funny little thing I found. If you exit a level whilst still having the gamepad stick in movement, the input locks and is remembered when you start a new mission the movement input restarts.

How to test in default Torque:

1) Have a gamepad (durrrr)

2) Load a mission and start moving.

3) Keep pressure on the thumbstick and exit using the Back button on gamepad, or Esc/select quit/yes with mouse (keep that thumbstick in move position)

4) At Main Menu release gamepad

5) Start new mission

6) See player start moving from leftover input


in scripts/client/default.bind.cs, add this new function (anywhere is fine)

//to stop movement being left over, after death or end of mission
function gamePadEnd()
   $mvYawLeftSpeed = 0;
   $mvYawRightSpeed = 0;
   $mvPitchUpSpeed = 0;
   $mvPitchDownSpeed = 0;
   $mvRightAction = 0;
   $mvLeftAction = 0;
   $mvForwardAction = 0;
   $mvBackwardAction = 0;


In scripts/server/gameCore.cs, add this at the bottom of onMissionEnded

function GameCore::onMissionEnded(%game)
   //echo (%game @"\c4 -> "@ %game.class @" -> GameCore::onMissionEnded");
   // Called by endMission(), right before the mission is destroyed
   // Normally the game should be ended first before the next
   // mission is loaded, this is here in case loadMission has been
   // called directly.  The mission will be ended if the server
   // is destroyed, so we only need to cleanup here.
   $Game::Running = false;
   $Game::Cycling = false;
//new from here
   echo("c\4End any left over gamepad input");
   gamePadEnd();//in default.bind.cs


You could probably also include a var to see if there is a gamepad connected or even cycle through gamepad inputs to see if any are still active, but this works fine.

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Not a bad workaround :)

Still, feels like a bug in the input in general if we consider that the other keybinds don't have a similar sticking effect. Something we'll have to double-check on.

I know with the SDL stuff the core input handling is different(and we're still reviewing the gamepad side) so that may well be a non-issue when we get it all wrapped up, but this is definitely useful for people still rocking the windows platform layer.

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