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Convert FBX To DAE Via Visual Studio


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Turns out that you can convert FBX format to a Torque3D useable DAE using Visual Studio. Also makes the DAE file Blender3D compatible with full animations, materials and everything. Only thing of note is that material diffuse and specular default to black 0 0 0 instead of white 255 255 255, apart from that everything is perfect.


Read my full blog on the subject here: http://yorkshirerifles.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/how-to-import-fbx-into-blender3d-using.html


  1. 1] Open FBX file in Visual Studio

  • 2] Save As ... and select (collada) DAE format

  • 3] ???? there is no ????

  • 4] Import into Torque3D or Blender3D



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