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A quick question about bullet


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If a projectile hits something it creates and "explosion" and ends, you have direct damage and explosion damage I think, so you can try adding an explosion which will break further glasses.

Or if you want to have armor piercing bullets, there is a resource for that, that I also planned to integrate at some point, but did not have the time to do so.

Here is the link to the resource:


I would prefer integrating the armor piercing resource into the engine, so people do not have to integrate it individually. The armor piercing resource is great since it provides much more functionality like different materials will behave different when shot at and create different particle effects and decals.

So I would suggest you/we create a separate branch of Torque3D where we integrate these features, so other people that are also interested can help with it and if it works, we can pull request it into the main engine.

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