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Question: Can we have a creative subforum?


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I can make a website with a short to-do list in the matter of weeks where we can categories different Torque3D subjects and videos to get a better over view of the the different resources, examples, and tutorials out there on the ever-expanding web. We can utilize sources that exist to this day - YouTube videos, forum posts, and whatever else you can think of. Is anyone else interested in this? It isn't on my main list of tasks, I want to create a game I've been envisioning for over 10 years, but I don't mind taking this on. Of course, it wouldn't be hosted on Torque3D.org forums, we would have to come up with another domain.

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We had a Trello board before to organize the development of Torque3D, it was abandoned as nobody did do anything.

You can probably have a subforum here, but the art subforum is already called "Content" here "Level design, models, animations, physics, etc. "

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