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What should I do?


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Torque3D is a lot more low-level than Unity. It's more old-school and doesn't hold your hand as much.

You'll probably want to have a look at the wiki:


If that doesn't help you, feel free to ask further questions so we can get you up and running. The engine isn't quite as easy to get up and running with as it used to, because the main "project-setup" tool (called the Project Manager) is getting reworked.

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The website is a bit unorganized, but all you need to do is to find the downloads section: http://wiki.torque3d.org/main:downloads

Then you look for the latest version and download the binary version, very important, since it includs the precompiled engine, if you have done that, you can unzip the folder and launch the executable and you are ready to go.

In the long run you should install Git, make a fork of the engine, in case you will change it in the future and clone it to your local computer and then work on your game in a separate branch.

But if you are new, just download the binary version and execute it, you can still do the other stuff later.

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