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Cant add Materials


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Hey all,

First of all im not that familiar with Torque. So maybe my question is just an easy mistake by myself. So dont wonder about it if so...

I try to get some new Content for a game we are playing (Life is feudal).

In this game all materials for character textures are saved in bust one male.dts and ine female.dts.

I can load these files in torque and see all of the materials which are added to the game.

But it is impossible to add „new material“ in object editor.

I made a fast try by adding a single cube... same problem.

Im not able to click „new material“, and for the .dts models i also cant save any changings when i try to modifie one of the existing materials.

Any idea how to help me?:)

Thanks and greetings

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Mh thought i‘d get an answer like this. Ok that tells me im not too stupid hehe. Thanks so far!

Im just wondering i even cant add a material to a simple cube within the „new material“ button in object editor. So i guess i miss something when using Torque. (Not related to LiF) tried to look up some tutorials about materials but nothing helped so far. Button seems to be available for clicking but isn‘t working.

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So you are using normal Torque3D? This should be possible, even though I don't do it that way, since it is problematic.

Materials are assigned in the model through a material name and on import a materials.cs file is generated for the materials where you add the different layers. If you add another material through the material editor, it will create a script file where your model is, where it will swap the old material name of the model with a new material you created. This however can get problematic, as the material names could be dublicated since in blender for example every material is by default called "material".

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Yeah im using „normal“ Torque3D.

Reason for it is, that everybody says it is Torque, that you have to use to do some Mods or Content for LiF.

Also the reason why im not used to it;)

It took me a bit but i guess i have a good overview for the materials and the connection to material.cs. I wss just wondering why i cant add any new to this suspect male.dts Model:)

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This is odd. What does your console.log say about the Material Editor? Could you attach the log perhaps?

When you have the cube selected and go into the Material Properties and click either the Edit buttons or the Circle to the right of the Material name, it doesn't open a dialog or the Material Selector?

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Well if you open a model in material editor, there is usually a drop down selector that will list all the materials used in the model, you will have to select one you want to change, then you can change the texture layers etc, but you cannot really add a material, since a material is tied to a model and to a UV map, you can only change the textures in it and the settings or swap it with another material, but not add another.

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