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Trying to add animations exported from Maya


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I’m working on an FPS project, and I’m trying to modify the base character from here: https://github.com/GarageGames/ContentPacks/tree/master/Actors/Soldier_T3D1.1

I want to change the sit animation from the current ball position into a normal pose of sitting in a chair. I’ve keyframed the model into this position in Maya. However, when I export this and put it in Torque, the sit and all other animations are changed back to the root pose. I've also had similar results when I tried to add a DAE with just the sitting animation.

My question is: what is the process for getting animations from Maya into the engine? Do they have to be separate DAEs, or should I export them all together with the model?

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Back when I was using 3DMax I had better luck with OpenCollada plugin versus the AutoDesk default. Perhaps that is available ? You can export combined animations or individually.

Steve Yorkshire has a thread with the soldier and animations Blender compatible. You could try your hand with Blender. Read through the thread.


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What exactly have you done? How are the animations saved? In the model itself or separate files?

Take a look here: https://github.com/GarageGames/ContentPacks/blob/master/Actors/Soldier_T3D1.1/soldier_rigged.cs

"%this.addSequence("ambient", "sitting", "1840", "1840");"

The first number is the start frame and the second number is the end frame, you have to specify them again if you changed and exported it again. Looks like the sitting animation is just one frame, if you added frames, you messed it up probably.

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@Duion - Sometimes your internet tone is strangely hostile. Just thought you should know.

@wkosan- Does Maya import the FBX with animations intact?

Either way, try setting up a single animation going from root to sitting and see if you can get it working on the Shape Editor. Just point the existing sit animation to your .DAE.

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If you edited the animation in the DAE and didn't see a change to the animation in-game, I would suggest deleting the cached.dts file if you hadn't already.

It's supposed to regenerate when the DAE file is newer, but sometimes that doesn't take and manually deleting the cached file can correct it.

The cached file is effectively the processed, binary file with the mesh, animation, etc info in it in a more efficient-to-use format than the raw collada file.

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