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This seems safe enough...or is it?


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All server code, meaning everything that is in scripts/server/* folder is not used by the client's local installation, but packed and send from the server to the client, so changing those scripts on the client will not do anything.

So it should be cheat proof. A more difficult case would be client commands to server where the server has code for, I don't know how this will work, but you could just test it.

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As far as I understand, the server packs all his scripts and sends them to each client, thats why joining takes much longer than hosting.

Why would you want to embed code into a .mis file? I have some code in Uebergame that is supposed to support per mission script files, but no idea to what degree it works.

You can embed script files into any location as long as they are executed somewhere, but you should stick to the client/server layout.

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