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4096x4096 PixPerMeters 2 == 8192x8192 per 1?


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I can take a land of 67km² (8192x8192 with 1 meter per pixel) and scale to 4096x4096 (2 meters per pixel). Being that also I will stagger the personage (1.75m of height) to 0,875cm.

I will do this by the height map so this does not directly affect the project.

Can this cause a problem?

Physics, cross wall, visually, performance ...

Can I also scale the camera so it fits the character?

Right now, I just have to thank you. :)

If someone has a better solution:

Divide a terrain(height map) of 8192x8192 into four parts of 4096x4096 ... (how to do this?)

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It is not a good idea to scale down the character, since you have to scale everything else down as well, is probably complicated to keep track of.

Using a 4096x4096 heightmap with grid size 2 is probably okay, depending on your project, but the terrain will be a bit chunky, since the polygons will be 2 meters each.

Have you tried getting the 8192x8129 heightmap to work? This would probably be the best solution.

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