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Skybox Strangeness


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Anyone noticed textures rendering differently on skyboxes than normal shapes? Here's what I'm seeing on my end using latest dev branch (but also tried in 3.10.1 as well - same issue).


On the left is the texture in paint.net, the cube on the right is a TSStatic textured with the same tex and behind it is the skybox also using the same texture. The skybox colors are off somehow. Tried with other cubemaps as well, including the night sky which renders as brighter and more washed out than it's supposed to be.

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When you open the material editor and pick a diffuse color, there is a checkbox that says "use sRG" color space (probably a spelling error should be sRGB) then you can see the difference.

So your texture uses sRGB default color space, while the skybox material uses the other something whatever color space. Through this option you cannot fix your problem, but it should give you a hint what is causing it, it probably needs to be changed in source code somewhere to use sRGB as well like the regular materials.

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You need to open the diffuse color in a regular material and in the color picker that pops up you will have that checkbox. As I said you cannot influence the texture color with that, especially not the skybox, but I'm quite sure the color space is the issue here, since if you select the color orange like in your first image and then switch to non sRGB it will appear more yellow like what your skybox looks.

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If you're using development, that temp isSRGB checkbox was there at one point prior to standardizing how colors are handled by the engine. A proper fix'll likely be taking




and swapping that GFXStaticTextureProfile on over to GFXStaticTextureSRGBProfile (s) in your case. (perhaps most cases.)

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