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My impressions with 4.0

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I switched over to 4.0.3 some time ago, using it despite some issues.

All in all it runs very smoothly and looks nice, even on lowest settings, which is much more than i can say for most engines on this toaster.

The asset and package system is enormously useful despite the hastles, which i am using to the max.

All of my porting and assetizing was done by hand, so i haven used the editor asset tools much.

As i noticed the base packages were removed, this makes it much harder for new people to make games or evaluate the engine properly.

In addition the new level editor doesnt have a tab to place map environment entities.

I overcame those since i already had working asset bases to use and copy.

There are also a few bugs, such as players landing cause a crash and so does spawning a particleemitternode.

I also seem not to be able to crouch, idk if thats not related to something else however.

The shape editor also doesnt update the tab data for models neither, making it somewhat useless.

All in all however im pretty satisfied with it and those little issues can be worked around, it has many nice improvements but those little regressions are gnarly.

Looking forward to 4.0.4 and getting more out of this one.

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Will note for the 4.0 spec, the mandate was to shift to https://github.com/Torque3DResources for non-required functionality with a side of pop-in protocols up to and including source incorporation, and per-module tooling. Will also note the https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/ProjectManager points at that and leverages git functionality so when we add or update modules you should (in theory) be able to check that right on out.

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Trimming down on stuff is good and fine, but not having the ability to add non assetized stuff(Skyboxes, terrains, lights etc) is quite crippling the editing ability.

And while its all nice and stuff to have a clean slate, i cant say that this system is attractive for new people, but then again most people who use 4.0 are people who port their stuff.

Also the project manager when i used to caused a crash for me so i havent tried too much yet.

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There's actually a couple ways to do that nowadays (at least with devhead):
Creator at the bottom
and by request, also an add bar up top

Also probably worth noting: datablocks can be defined scriptside and drug in to create the used-instance-class as well.

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