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Getting player view angle height.


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I hit a wall trying to get and set the angle of the view in height of the player.

When i access the rotation value of %client.getCameraObject() it returns a value but it only gives me the values in the x axis(left/right).

When i turn the view upward the normal vector does not change.

I skimmed trough the docs and source code but to no avail.

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For where something is pointing/aiming at, I think that you want the vector rather than the objects own rotation.


Try %camera.getEulerRotation(); or %camera.getEyeVector();

If that is correct then i have an even bigger problem.

The thing is that i want to implement realistic weapons behaviour and that means i need to set the player height view value.

If it is not encoded in camera.rotation and %camera.getEyeVector() does not have a corresponding set function, then how can i change where the player looks?

I need not only the player view adjusted but the whole player model look up/down.

That is according the the ShapeBase class reference.

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I want to simulate some kind of recoil setting off the player view forcing him to reaim at his target.

Offsetting in the horizontal works fine, but not the vertical.

Is weapon view the origin of camera?

If it is not then offsetting the weapon will detatch the reticule from the weapon.

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Recoil has already been done multiple times, there are multiple resources on different styles of recoil systems:





Test these out and see if it does what you need and then tell me which is best, since I also need a recoil system.

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I think they or some of the methods just offset the view by a random value up and sidewards, thats also how almost all other games do it I think.

Counter Strike for example does not even have a random spray, but a hard coded spray pattern, so the recoil will be always exactly the same and if you memorize it good enough you can counteract it so you will always shoot accurate.

I just ask what you want that is so revolutionary different than all other games that have recoil.

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Its just that im not sure setting a variable that changes player input or using an explosion to achieve this are such great ideas.

And its sort confusing having a camera object entity separated from the player but not reflecting vertical states.

Could someone explain the reason for this?

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Ok i used the method where the variable that gets input gets modified, it works ok so far, cant speak for multiplayer.

But im still stunned at the idea what exactly happens.

There must be some entity that controls where the player looks up/down serverside.

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I am facing a similar issue now but i cannot fall back on what i did previously.

I am trying to make turnable vehicle turret, however once again i cannot set the camera rotation.

%client.camera.setRotation(vectorAdd("x y z", %client.camera.getEulerRotation()) doesnt do squat, i tried with setMode("FreeRotate") too but no effect.

However since i intend to make vehicles with turrets and barrels, i will probably add a shapeBase as a turret and shapeBaseImage as a barrel.

If i can get the camera to be inside the turret i might solve my issue on atleast one axis, but now i wonder what would the control object have to be so i can delegate commands to both the turret/barrel and the vehicle itself.

Anyone have an idea?

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