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Vehicle with interior, doors and free entering/leaving passengers, how?


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Hi all! Long time no see.

I think about making a small game in T3D. The whole point is there is a car players can sit in (for example up to to 4 people). Should have AI ones to replace real.

One of them is driver. The other 3 shoot 3 kinds of weapons. The goal is to run away from enemies shooting the enemies which attack from behind.

Kind of fast paced shooting gallery on wheels. Driver can't shoot but drives the vehicle.

The design requires a car which have openning doors and trunk and interior (as most gameplay is from first person view). So just current vehicle system will not work and require modification. Could you help me what parts of engine require my attention to implement what is desired, especially wheeled vehicle implementation?

Thanks a lot!

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You just add different mount points for the different players, like other games do it as well, the opening doors just forget for now, since even extremely realistic high end games like Arma do not even bother with that.

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