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DLL Missing


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I have 2 users with this error

Unable to find game dll

Unable to load game library: %s. Please make sure it exists and the latest DirectX is installed.

The dll exists in the root and is the proper size but game wont launch.

Both computers are Windows 10

I have 20 other computers including win 10 machines that run it fine.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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Does the game use DirectX 9 or 11? What does the computer with the error have?

Generally you need the June2010 DirectX package for it to work with DirectX 9, if you release a game on Steam for example Steam will take care of that and distribute the Jun2010 libraries with the game so users do not get the error.

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Both machines have dx9 june 2010 runtimes I made sure

Like I said I have other machines set up the same with win 10 dx9 and they run fine, just these 2 giving me fits.

I looked at the game.exe where it resolves the dll name and calls the dll I might hard code it to look for that string. Any thoughts?

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Have you checked UAC settings or tried running as administrator on the systems that are a problem? We found we had to code-sign the exe and dlls to reliably load on windows 10. If it's working on 20/22 systems, it's unlikely anything wrong with the dll name or path.

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They have run as admin with same results

hGame = LoadLibraryW(dllName.c_str()); I can't see it fail at this point even if I change to hGame = LoadLibraryW(L"game.dll");

I built 64 bit release and they use 64 bit mode. Could it be a Unicode thing with the LoadLibraryW being the culprit?

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