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Torque3D IDE with PolyCode?


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I came across Polycode the other day and I was wondering if it could be use to create a Torque3D IDE a bit similar to Unity. From what I understand, it seem to have some usefull features that could make a good T3D IDE, the only part that I'm confused is about the LUA scripts part. Is it something that could be used to add TorqueScript support to it to make it work a bit like Torsion?


I'm just curious to have some expert opinion on that. I came across some other similar open source tools but this one look the best candidate for my eyes. I think having a T3D IDE that work independtly from the game could be a good + for Torque3D.

If it's really what I think it is, we could adapt the features to work with T3D formats and we will be able to manage our game contents and scripts in the same environment outside of the game.

So what you think? Am I missing something?

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That page is horrible btw, not sure who wrote it, but they should pass privileges to somebody else.

As far as the initial concept goes, lukas is right its not something you could just use to bolt onto torque or vice versa.

I'm more curious as to what you mean by IDE in this particular instance, if you want a scripting IDE then only 2 of the options on the pre-mention page are remotely suitable and neither are ideal anymore http://torquedev.com/ and https://www.garagegames.com/products/torsion Torsion is the best of the offerings however.

With regard to level editing the built in editors are mostly functional, some bugs and poor layout/flow design but those can be reworked yourself once you get to understand the GUI system. We had a discussion in the IRC channel the other day regarding editor improvements and tweaks, but since most of the people working on torque dont use torque, and those that do use torque dont actually engage with the community, such IRC chats are generally nothing more than that.

The other thing that could be added is a proper in engine script editor and debugger, which i think is the only thing that unity has functionality wise that torque doesnt, (unless unity has audio editing) but i dont believe that this is an obstacle to development, more of a nice to have maybe.

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I'd love to have an in-engine debugger, but I suspect that it's technically impossible currently, as the GUI runs on scripts, which you'd be debugging. I think a true in-engine IDE would require the engine core to be multithreaded, so that you could debug one script thread with another. I'm not saying this is a bad idea, just a lot of work :P.

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What page is horrible? The wiki page? everyone can edit the wiki pages, feel free to go ahead :) @Bloodknight

this wiki page? wiki.torque3d.org? the other day I was trying to edit few pages and not allowed me :? anyway I can help with the wiki ;) I wanna add some stuff there....

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had one for a while now, hoping to move a bunch of resources from GG to a wiki format in an attempt to update/replace part of the old TDN by updating the resources to specific release versions.

username is Bloodknightuk, not sure how the admin system works, you have to set permissions or roles to other users i think based on my quick run through the admin info

nb: as for page criticism, it was meant for the single page linked that listed editors

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Please tell me what's horrible about it. I made the page in a hurry for others to add info to.

Ah, so I just checked our permissions. Apparently you need to be a site member to edit. Not sure how you go about joining the site. But apparently you can because someone joined a week ago as far as I can tell from the admin page. Apparently @johxz is a member, but I see no Bloodknight.

EDIT: I just added a join link in the contribution section on the front page. If you're a site member already you won't be able to see it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your replies.

Maybe IDE is not the good word for what I had in mind, my limited technical english need improvements...

What I had in mind is to have something a bit similar to Unity in which you can manage the assets in an environment seperate of the game. I know that PolyCode is kind of a game engine but I tought it could be adapted to manage Torque assets. For example, it could be adapted to work with Torque materials to edit the materials completly outside of Torque even if the rendering is handled by a completly different engine.

I know it would require a lot of work but maybe less work than working on a similar solution based on T3D. I examined this possibility based on my "WorldLab" work as I was thinking about plan for future to make WorldLab a standalone Torque3D editors from which you can manage assets from differents project at same place.

In the last weeks I took a complete development break and did some thinking about my WorldLab project, I think I will aim to expand it as a stand-alone editor instead of worrying about PolyCode or other alternatives. Also I decided to make WorldLab (BTW,still unnoffical name) an open-source T3D editor project so anyone could benefit from it if they see some benefits... I would make it work as an extra editor so standard tools would still work normally while WorldLab installed...

Anyway, this is not the place to talk about it so for this thread, I think the best is to just simply forget about PolyCode for now and stick with what we have.

About scripting IDE, I use Torsion already but I don't like the fact that it's not tweakable. Some month ago, I tried the open-source TorqueDev and started updating the source to fix some lacks I found after being used to Torsion but gave up because of limited time. Maybe, we could set a Git for TorqueDev and those who use it can share some improvements? I'm not fully familliar with licensing but I think it's ok to set a Git repositiory for TorqueDev?

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Speaking of IDE's, Don't forget you have "TIDE" run on linux too is a plugins of jEdit (Cross platform) which have a lot of plugins may be have the stuff you need. Highly configurable and customizable. The license is GPL, you can contribute. (open source)


Interesting, strange that I never heard about it before. I will have a look at it, thanks.

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