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light level on player


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Back in 1.5.2 when opengl was used I added this

In sceneObject.cc at the end I added

ColorF SceneObject::getLastColor(void)


return mLightingInfo.smAmbientLight.mColor;


In player.cc

ConsoleMethod( Player, getColor, const char*, 2, 2, "Return the current color level.")


char *buff = Con::getReturnBuffer(128);

ColorF color = object->getLastColor();

dSprintf(buff,128, "%f %f %f %f",color.red, color.green, color.blue, color.alpha);

return buff;


I could use this to get the intensity of light on my character so I could code if the bots could see me lurking in the night shadows.

Now using 3.8 things have changed and I would like to find where I could get the player current light intensity. Can anyone point me to where I could get this info now? I understand it has to do with rendering the color of a texture on the player but after much searching I am lost...

Any help ? This should be part of the engine if it is not already....

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