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Problem with " head " animation sequence -SOLVED-


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Hi, I'm having a problem with the "head" sequence for my model . The animation is made with Blender 2.76 . As suggested in the ReadTheDocs manual , its 9 frames however , I only inserted bone rotation and location for frames 1 , 5 and 9 . 1 is up 9 is down plus i sorta centered it with 5 . The problem I'm seeing in the game is on the last frame of the sequence as it appears to be a repeat of the first frame . In the shape editor it shows that the last frame is the same as the first and doesn't let me reset the out frame .

This is not the stock model or armature . Its a human character . Other sequences are working well . They are separate animations that Ive placed in the anim folder . The base shape with the mesh has no animations . My T3D version is 3.9 .

Thank you for your time .

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"Look Vertical head movement blend animation, start frame is fully up and end frame is fully down. Usually imple-

mented as a 9 frame animation that only affects the neck and head nodes."

All I can say is that is doesn't say that it is a loop . But really , HOW could I have not thought of trying that possibly very time saving solution , hmmm?

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