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? ai amimation situation ?-SOLVED-


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Im adding an aiPlayer through an autoSpawn spawnshere . In the Spawnscript I just put $spawnObject setTransform and playThread methods . The playthread seemed as if it were not working . I tried this and that and , anyway , finally i just nudged the aiPlayer around a little in the World Editor and the animation would play a bit and stop and sometimes play fine . After seeing that the animation seemed to be playing correctly I saved the level and restarted the mission but again the animation would not work right .

So , The model is my player character with the demoplayer datablock . Its not the stock soldier_rigged model but I am using all of the scripts associated to it just pointing to my model and adding my own animations . The armature and bones arent named like the soldier model but hasnt given me a problem so far . Its probably something simple as I am fantastically adept at working for hours over what would ultimately be said kinda matter . :?: <-can I use this for my avatar ?

edit : it may or may not be worth noting that the animation isnt one of the usual movement or trigger things its just some arbitrary action (playing a musical instrument)

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