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Rad Alert


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This is the thread where im gonna show stuff for my game, as what you can guess from the title, is a remake of the 1996 masterpiece command and conquer: red alert by westwood.

I decided to make such a game after i got those models from https://ppmforums.com/topic-66860/various-red-alert-1-vehicles-obj/ and tried to use and they worked out of the box well.

Vehicles are in too but are badly in need of having made the proper adjustments before they are usable, they either bounce round or sink in, except for the truck which sorta works.

Some structures are somewhat functioning and have the proper models, but its still a mess in that section with textures and materials all over the place.


There are also 4 almost sufficiently functional game modes, one is somewhat a clone of battlefield, but without respawning at the captured points and no tickets, game ends when one team holds all points.

Next one is the classic where you must stop invading npc from entering your conquest zone and hold out for some settable time(or infinite), i plan on adding secondary objectives later on too.

Another one is a variation of the above with the twist that you get attacked in predefined waves and instead of playing for time you must defeat all waves of enemies.

Last but not least would be the classic commando mission, where your goal is to get to the extraction point, engage enemies at will, that can be played coop with settable amount of respawns(default none).

A prototype actual strategy mode exists too and it can do the most basic stuff somewhat but everything else is missing and there are quite some other problems with that, which was my original gameplay concept.

Npc code is minimal right now, they do much but they can move and shoot mostly in ways that satisfies gameplay atleast for now.

In recent times i collected quite a huge number of assorted map prop assets that i will use too, but i dont have them sorted properly yet.

I got a hold of some good aircraft and naval vehicle models too that i can very much use, but those will need even longer to get working than the rest.

Some gui leftover work needs to be done too, but i figured an interesting way to do the gui.
The lack of working animations and the incomplete levels are what is hold back a release of a demo the most for now, but i think those ought to be resolved quickly with the rest.
All in all i enjoy the npcs fights even if they are mundane.

For now i use the default soldier and some placeholder weapon assets for another game i work on, but i got the assets i need just havent bothered yet to actully get those in.

I got quite well to the part where things mostly function and i have to fill up the content and do sorting and balancing and level desing.
There has been a long delay porting from the 4.0 preview to 4.0.3 but was worth it for me and im quite enjoying the way this is going so far despite all the little stones along the way.


Heres a screenshot of some of the vehicles that will be featured, the angles look weird cuz i had to place em that way or they would bounce off.

Also you may notice the randomized light colors, those will obviously be normal on release.

This is about the most that is worth to show for now, but there will be more stuff coming soon hopefully.

I know you cant see all that much and there isnt all that much more to see for now, but its better than nothing for an introduction.


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possible problems could be

the spring force is too high . check the mass in the vehicles datablock . then set the Force in the spring datablock to around 7 or 8 times the mass . that should be a usable starting point . check the cheetahCar datablocks , the mass is 400 and the spring force is 2800 .


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It sure is rad, over the geiger counter rad.

I have been working a bit with vehicles, the good news is the truck, which as a front steering axle and two back axles for transmission is somewhat working.

Other vehicles are still bouncing around mostly, i think im getting the hang of it slightly but it still feels like mostly shooting targets in the dark.

I wanted to do some sort of system where i can replace wheels and springs on the go, but i have neither the framework nor working average values to use as reference, so il save it for later on.


About the vehicles included: if you follow the link posted you can see the models better, metalness, smoothness and diffuse colors have been added in the materials, so the look is still being worked on.

I have all the combat vehicles from red alert including expansions in, support vehicles will come later on aswell as extra vehicles for both sides and neutral ones.

The weapons on turreted tanks work well, they also have coaxial machineguns and some have seperate machinegun turrets on the turret too.

Vehicles have lights that can be turned on and off(maybe change colors too :)? ), so im going to bring out the nice rendering of t3d.

Turrets are not player controllable normally, i think of making some missions where you command a tank platoon from one, but that will be much later on done.

Im trying to include a few in the initial demo, but its a huge pain so i dont want get hung up on it.

Il try to showcase some of the rides some more when they are a little more cooperative during placement and the visibility becomes better.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Wanna post a little update to show some more and disclose more intel.

Good news is i got the ranger very nicely working and some other vehicles like the gaz for the soviets almost too.

Bad news is i still havent figured out the animations part, i might end up using duions paintball once i get it working with the script.

Im remaking the map el alamein from battlefield 1942 for comparison and because it is my favorite map, so if you played that you know where about its headed.

I havent gotten yet to test bots with vehicles, but last i tried in 4.0prevewiev5 the bots would turn the steering either 1,0 or -1 what amounted to them driving only straight, would be awesome if that was fixed.


For the demo i will keep things real simple and because it will take even longer to balance than to implement new stuff i will hold back on fancy gameplay mechanics.

Eventually infantry weapon accuracy will be affected by energy and energy together with recharge and repair levels affected by damage level along with movement allowances.

After that i would like to have a veterancy system to give players certain perks depending on class, similar to how enemy territory had that of sorts.


Here are some screenshots of some vehicles, i dont know why its so dark, but i know the lights are misplaced and still need to work on that system, glowsticks will not be included in the game.

The tanks are still flakey but getting there i think and the maps will be done quickly, its just i havent bothered to use different terrain materials yet and put in props.

Also i made a entry in the t3d games page, once its approved il put in some better looking promo content.




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Good news i managed to fix the animations, some script stuff was missing appearently, i dont care to know what exactly it was.

I also found out why stuff looks so dark, i had brightness set too low on the maps.

Just noticed too that the vehicles are too large in scale so will fix that and hope it doesnt mess up the vehicle balancing too much.


I am pushing forward to a demo asap, with all classes including mechanic and shock trooper each with one weapon.

The ranger and gaz will also be included and the truck, maybe the few tanks that proove not too undrivable too.

There will be a atleast two maps with each a different game mode, with (crappy)bot support, three if things go well.


As for the buildings and other stuff, i will try to squeeze in as much as i can for the next release, it mostly comes down to material and texture sorting and stuff.

Im just doing weapon rigging and map finalizing, also code polishing and the dreadfuil ui stuff that is basically all it comes down for now.

Theres some slightly experimental stuff i might throw in too, but usually those dont work well out of the box.

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Progress is going well, with animations somewhat fixed, there is some issue of setAnimPrefix or whatever not being a function, which i know was working in the old version.

I got weapons positions and the other node data and geometry mostly done, i still need to improvise a model for the shock gun, sadly i have no working revolver for the thief and no silenced pistol for the spy so far.

Character tweaking is going along ok too, i expect to have a reasonable balance with good but not too good movement, also some effects need working on but i have rifle soldiers and engineers done, for the demo.

I want to squeeze in another map, which should go quickly, the other maps are coming along fine too, i hope to have atleast decent prototypes soon.

There are quite a few maps i want to make, most inspired by another red alert game and with some more classic red alert stuff too.

My hope is by next week to have a playable demo done, the most i need is to fix the interface, which i hate the most.

Its also a bit poor in terms of props and assets so far, its not that i dont have them, i just dont have them on hand right now and i dont want to stall or fill up with needless props.

Bots still have some slight glitches and i want to make the code more split up to have more functionality, but im having quite fun with those so far, even if they are monotone.

Game mode code is mostly working ok too, theres some questions on my part at what to do when the game ends, but that is not essential.

Vehicles still need some meching on but i think there will be a handfull in.

Im too lazy to post screenshots but i changed the lightning on one map to dusk so the light effects are really well visible, t3d really does well with realtime lightning and effects i will certainly use that.

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  • 4 weeks later...

So after a very rainy/cold/windy/dark week i managed to have nearly all the buildings in somewhat working states.

I tried to make each material on every model unique with its own texture where possible, but i ran out of textures and patience so for now some use common materials for now.

In addition i gave every structure a unique light animation script and light datablock, im still playing with things to see in which direction i want to take it but its looking awesome so far.

Some more code cleanup is needed for structures and vehicles but most functionality is there.

Originally i planned to omit buildings entirely for the demo, but eventually when i got a handle on things i couldnt let go and i am very happy with the results.

Things are far from finished, but even so far stuff looks pretty nice given how much of it was really cut and paste and fix, i am also immensely appreciative that somehow, i dont know how i got a hold of all these fantastic assets that fit in all so nicely like a glove that i couldnt have dreamed of in my previous years really.

Im also starting to get a bit more the hang of tuning vehicles, it will still take me a while but i hope i can get them to be decently controllable.

Collision volumes on vehicles, structures and props will also need some adjustments still, but its all coming along nicely.

I hope i get to make the demo soonish, i wasnt planning on putting in so much stuff, but it will make a much better selling point, even tho the game is free.







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It's always fascinating to find out that those 2D graphics from old games are actually based on full 3D models, especially since a lot of hipster developers which are also very common in the open source scene are trying to imitate those old graphics by trying to paint 2D graphics because thats so retro not realizing it always has been 3D.

I had a lot of debates where I tried to explain to people that 2D/pixel-art sucks and almost nobody does 2D graphics that way, the most common way in the industry is to make realistic 3D models and then downscale from there or even make 3D models or paint pictures in the real world and scan them.

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Indeed, westwood studios were pioneers when it came to rendering/fmv/cgi/3d and sophisticated image manipulation technology in the 90s up to the 2000s, i have seen a few technical articles on the sophistication of the video technology used in tiberian sun in its day and age.

The graphics and stuff from tiberian sun is generally awesome, well everything except the crashes on some maps are.

Im offed by the fact that wine and tibsun dont mix well, there are so many great mods for it to play and i cant be arsed to dig in that filth hole.

Some time ago i discovered arduino and the world of modern micro controllers and its c++ with whatever, so maybe might well write my own damn engine too 😕 .


Eventually down the road i will include features from tibsun and later such as trains, veterancy, destroyable/repairable bridges, tech buildings and lots more.

Plus i want to make a system for research with a complex tree that can be used to open many strategies, i could do so much more but i dont want to overwhelm myself with bookkeeping problems, things are somewhat questionable as is in that regard.

Some time ago i even have a few weapons and classes for neutral militants that can be used for many ways, if i had assets i would love to squeeze in some civilian vehicles..

I am still impressed how great the models made by allen combined with textures from nobiax ended up mixing so great, needless to say how nice it could fit all into t3d.

Yes 3d->2d seems the most obvious way, there still is some really good 2d art stuff out there that looks better than 3d in some cases.


Im continuing adjusting the collision volumes and trying to get a hang on vehicles and also make explosions for buildings and try to come up with good damage values and repair values.

Speaking of explosions, does anyone know why seemingly no explosion sounds are played even tho im sure the sound data is correct, is there something i missed maybe.

I didnt anticipate including buildings this early on i must say, but im glad how smooth things went, most function too, the barracks actually "produces" the infantry and the warfactory pretty much works too, defences still have some slight bugs but those will be done with quickly.

It would be too optimistic too think i can include aircraft, but i have a few suitable models i was enormously fortunate to stumble up for those too.

Theres also some more props and level editing respectively that would go well for a release.

Heres some screens i took this morning but i didnt wanna spam but might well post em, i really love the lightning in t3d and what you can do with it and im just getting started.




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