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Rad Alert


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Every day is prosponed release date, im working on ditching the demo and still quadposting here, il try to not do that in the future now that i have a page to post blogs on and stuff.

Finally my game page has been approved so i will be posting more content and solid updates there, in here i will post work in progress updates and stuff like that.

Also yesterday i got a hold of a great russian military van model, so that means there will be one more extra vehicle!

There still some issues with the new van, but i got the truck almost decently working, i think its just lack of engine torque now.

Im still on the lookout for a soviet truck model to use, im sure theres some about but i just have to find it.

Also worked on a clean implementation for the strategy mode that eventually all other game modes will derive of, i will do the build placing algorithm later, but im confident i can get things to work well.


Here is a little extra screenshot i wont feature on the games page, it showcases the skin system usable on the truck, which im quite happy with.

Also on the side i work on a red alert engine for microcontrollers in c++, im quite excited for that take on shape too.


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Code_Man , I'm very impressed by your tenacity , its been fun following this developing playset , if you will , especially seeing that you are so capable with many different aspects of the production . now , it seems that you are planning a strategy with first person element . Any pics of your strategy mode camera/s then ?

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No pics of the strategy mode yet, i used to have a rts camera mode and stuff but it didnt work well nor was it flexible and overviewable so im making a new one, im just using spectator cam for now.

There is still much work to be done, the building placement logic being probably the most difficult one followed by economy system, im leaving gui and stuff for the end.

The barrackses and war factory work in the basic sense, integrating the resourcing aspect is the tough one needed for proper strategy.

Most buildings will be easy to make workable, im confident i can have each structure be useful and functional.

Speaking of structures, i decided to make a power grid system where energy from powerplants will be relayed trough structures, it was a early idea for the original red alert, but devs decided it was too much work, but since t3d has such a system out of the box i will bring it back, which will make the strategic aspects much more interesting.


Post demo i will mostly work in infantry/weapons/npc gamecode that will improve the gameplay by miles, but i dont want to accidentally break things in a rush.

Also im working on a new method to remake all the red alert maps, i hope it will work out efficient, so there will be lots of maps for the rts mode once everything is ready.


Heres a screenshot of the new uaz van, its far from done as you can see, but its there.


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Once again i double post, but its my own thread and its a special occasion.

Finally the cat is out of the bag and i can present to you all the demo/early access of Rad Alert.

This link https://pomf2.lain.la/f/buvnut1l.7z will allow you to download the full package with windows and linux binaries included, plus needless to say the game files.

Its been a very long ride, over 2.5 years of production time over all for this, i feel quite tired hence i wanted this demo out.

This demo features sadly only one map and vehicles should be considered broken, the ranger is quite good tho and the infantry combat is pretty decent.


I will keep working toward a better version, a unified sole survivor and strategy game mode is already prototyped and will be deployed as soon as its ready.

Building on the better parts of the game, infantry combat will see a radical overhaul, making things much more realistic, with bot code support to integrate that for the bots.

Graphics and vehicles will take a while until they take shape, meanwhile i will work on maps and do the balancing on the side, it takes a lot out of me.

I expect an updated version around the end of the year to be ready, with quite a few maps and much improved gameplay.

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