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no prone free-look


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Hi again , Ive come across a couple new issues while creating a few animations . They're with the prone_root sequence , One issue is I cant use the free-look while moving while prone , three buttons , prone , move , free-look . Prone and free-look are fine but no free-look during movement , The second issue is with the prone sequence on a slope , the player just remains straight . Is it resolvable somehow :?: , like the way ski bones worked , I'm sorta newb and Ive seen no reference to ski bones with T3d . Thanks for your time

Im using T3D 3.9 , custom model and custom armature . <-if it matters at all , actually its the CMU Hahne conversion Armature (.BVH) , with just a bit of tweaking to match a make human mesh and be a little more easily manipulated in blender 2.76 .

edit ; I didn't mention that i didn't have a prone_forward animation loaded , just a prone root but , after adding a prone forward animation there is still no free look .

So I guess my question is , basically , is free-look supposed to work or is it not available for the prone sequence ?

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Not sure about that, but prone pose has a whole lot of issues: Torque player is set up with a sqare/rectangular collision/boundsBox which does not play nicely with prone. I remember having some issues - but I can't remember WHAT - with using ground Transforms for anything other than death animations.

Also prone messes with the stock hit location because it's only vertical, so head goes along the collision box. There are some old resources for "hitboxes" buried somewhere on the old garagegames site, no idea if anyone has ported them to T3D.

From the docs:



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I've been wondering why it has been left out of the demo . Seems like damage to certain areas can possibly be ignored if prone , IDK , i dont know how the engine handles that . as for the orientation on slopes , Oh Well , never was an issue in the good 'OL days eh? :) , Collisions sure can be a problem ! :evil:

Thank You Steve ,

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since i have a new issue today Im just putting it here so I wont be cluttering up the forum page

previous issue - no freeLook while prone and moving .

new issue - proneSide plays in the Shape Editor not in the game .

and free-Look works while prone/moving sideways/ with no animation .playing . Thank You .

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