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Random Player Skins WITHOUT Tab Seperated String


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For some reason, tab seperated strings hate me. :?

Sometimes my custom player/aiplayers will spawn with skin set to "alt3 alt4" as the tabbed string decides to ignore the tab seperation because ... because it hates me. :cry:

A second issue with the stock skin selection is that %skin = addTaggedString( getField(%availableSkins, getRandom(%count)) ); gives the whole getCount(), but getRandom() starts at 0, meaning that it's looking for 1 more skin than is available because "base" skin is in the availableSkins string.

So I changed everything to words seperated with a space.

Player/AIPlayer datablock

   //availableSkins =  "base	alt1	alt2	alt3	alt4";
   availableSkins = "base alt1 alt2 alt3 alt4";//words not tabs


In wherever you have the randomized skin function (scripts/server/gameBase.cs is stock)

      // Choose a random, unique skin for this client
      %count = getWordCount(%availableSkins);//getFieldCount(%availableSkins);//tabs out words in
      if(%count > 0)
         %skin = getWord(%availableSkins, getRandom(%count - 1));//now with -1 for the real number
         //%skin = addTaggedString( getField(%availableSkins, getRandom(%count)) );
         echo("skins " @ %count SPC %skin);


Not entirely certain why tabbed fields were chosen over spaced words for stock but hey. :|

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Torque3D Documentation Release 3.5.1

p. 373

Field Manipulators

Functions to deal with whitespace-seperated lists of values in strings. TorqueScript excessively uses strings to represent

lists of values . The functions in this group simplify working with these lists and allow to easily extract individual values

from their strings .

The list strings are segregated into three Groups according to the delimiters used to separate individual values in the


Strings of words; Elements are separated by newlines (n), spaces or tabs (t).

strings of fields: Elements are separated by newlines (n),or tabs (t).

strings of records: Elements are separated by newlines (n)

Aside from the functions here , another useful means to work with strings of words is TorqueScripts foreach$ state-

ment .

some other page -

bool isspace (string str, int index)

Test whether the character at a given position is a whitespace character. Characters such as tab, space, or

newline are considered whitespace.


str - the string to test.

index - the index of a charcter in str

Returns true if the character at the given index in str is a whitespace character, false otherwise.

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