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DecalRoad shadow bug


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I noticed that when using DecalRoads that sometimes there appear ugly lines on the shadows and if the shadows are strong, the lines are even there all the time, here is an example:


From what I could find out so far is, that the lines only appear with decal roads that have normal maps on them and they appear the stronger, the stronger the shadows are (for the example screenshot I made the shadows much stronger than normal). In most cases it is hardly visible, mostly only if something casts a shadow on the road, but for the level I'm building now for some unknown reason, the lines are too visible even when no shadow is cast on the road, which is pretty annoying.

So anyone got an idea what it is or how to fix it?

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Meanwhile I found out that if you have a decal road on a terrain that has also a normal map, the decal road will inherit the normals of the terrain, or more they will get added to the normal map from the decal road, this may cause the visual bug. Depending on the strength of the normal maps it also seems to influence the strength of the visual bug.

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Ok latest state of my investigations is, that the problem arises from using transparency on the material with lerp alpha blend mode and "transparency Z-write" checked.

Decal roads without transparency and only maybe alpha treshhold do not look good, thats why I added smooth transparency as well, seems like this causes a problem, since transparency also lets the texture below shine through.

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