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Question controls menu and remapping


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Hello , I hope this is the correct forum

          is the function limited to just one character ? previous weapon uses " ctrl + Q " . in the pic it is blank . Also is it possible to remap a bindCmd that uses command to server ? Thank You


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Hrm. Likely a bug or oversight on my part with that not displaying right. I'll definitely take a look at it, cause yeah obviously we want to show the proper bindings as they are.

And unsure about the second part of the question. In theory it'd work fine but I don't actually think i'd tested that, now that I think about it. Will investigate that end as well.

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Ok, we just merged in https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D/pull/1236 to contend with it not properly presenting keybinds with a modifier on it.

Fars the bindCmd support, atm looks like there's no straightforward way to do that because of how the remap lookups work(it goes by the function name the bind has as the command)

To work with bindCmd, which has both a make and a break command, AND both of those can be any arbitrary valid TS command, we'll need to add a bind alias to the binds themselves for lookup. So that'll have to be a follow-up thing.

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